GSG Berlin is committed to contributing to climate protection goals within the framework of the Paris Agreement and EU legislation as well as the Energy Transition Act. The company endorses all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What we at GSG Berlin do

Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly energy supply have a high priority for GSG Berlin. The company is making an important contribution to the realization of Berlin’s goal of “climate neutrality by 2050”. GSG Berlin operates the largest photovoltaic system in Berlin, its own combined heat and power plants, absorption chillers and is expanding the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on its own GSG yards.

GSG Berlin’s strategic plan for sustainable operations is to identify and implement opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The main pillars of this strategy are improving operational efficiency, modernizing building systems by using as many renewable and sustainable sources as possible, and user engagement.


Since 2012

Use of combined heat and power units in the first GSG yards

Since 2014

Use of electricity generated decentrally via own PV systems

Since 2017

Heat from district heating/city heating with low CO₂ pollution in several yards

Since 2020

Successive expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in several GSG courtyards.

From 2021

Use of the first combined heat, power and cooling systems and generation of cooling from waste heat

From 2022

100% green electricity in the GSG yards

From 2030

CPI Property Group (parent company of GSG Berlin) complies with the High Level Energy Strategy, which will correspond to a CO₂ saving of 30 % compared to 2019

photovoltaic system

Around 5,000 tons of CO₂ savings per year by operating solar modules on 140 roofs of 28 GSG commercial buildings.

Combined heat and power plants

780 tons of CO₂ savings per year by operating four of our own combined heat and power plants on the GSG farms in Geneststraße, Zossener Straße, Waldemarstraße and Gneisenaustraße.*

E-charging stations

Operation of AC and DC charging stations with 141 charging points by 2022 at GSG yards.
* By using a CHP plant in combination with a boiler and two absorption chillers (AKM), the primary energy factor (PEF) of the supply of cooling and heating of 0.45 is achieved in the Gebauer Höfe.

We plant trees to compensate for CO₂ emissions

GSG Berlin supports small farmers in Cameroon with social-ecological tree plantations. In addition to CO₂ storage, GSG Berlin is making a further contribution to sustainable development by planting the GSG forest.

For more information, visit Treedom directly: Company Profile at Treedom | GSG Forest at Treedom

Solar power for Berlin

In 2014, GSG Berlin built Berlin’s largest solar plant. It has a current capacity of 5.7 MWp. This saves around 5,000 tons of CO2 per year. To save this amount of CO2, the city would have to replant 400,000 trees. This is equivalent to ten times the number of trees in Berlin’s Tiergarten park.

A total of 25,261 solar modules from German manufacturers were installed on 140 roof surfaces and 28 Berlin GSG commercial buildings in Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Marienfelde, Marzahn, Pankow, Tempelhof and Wedding, covering a total area of around 43,000 square meters. The PV system produces a total of up to 5,800,000 kWh of electricity annually.

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Roof surface with solar modules
Number of solar modules
kWh production per year
CO₂ savings per year

E-charging stations

In cooperation with the Berlin-based company Parkstrom, GSG Berlin will install a total of 141 e-charging points at various locations by 2022. These charging stations will be supplied with 100% regeneratively generated electricity.

The complete list of all yards where charging systems have already been installed as well as are still being set up can be found at:

If you have any questions about GSG charging stations or the Giro-e payment system, our partner Parkstrom will be happy to help:

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