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You are looking for offices in Berlin-Mitte? You can rent offices in our commercial complexes in Berlin-Mitte. GSG Berlin is one of the biggest suppliers of office and commercial space in Berlin and offers offices in Berlin-Mitte and other districts of Berlin.

Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin-Mitte

Amperium am Humboldthain


The Amperium am Humboldthain (previously: Technology and Innovation Park Berlin) is centrally located. The complex is surrounded by Brunnenstra├če, Voltastra├če, Hussitenstra├če and Gustav-Meyer-Allee. The Metro-station Voltastra├če and the S-Bahn/Urban raiway station Humboldthain are within 5 minutes walking distance. The main-line station Gesundbrunnen is only a few minutes away by car. There are very good shopping facilities in the Gesundbrunnen Shopping Center at the Northern end of Brunnenstra├če. Smaller supermarkets, gastronomy and snack bars can be found along Brunnenstra├če.

Freight, passenger and combination elevators are available for all commercial units. In House 12, each floor has several separate ladiesÔÇÖ and gentsÔÇÖ rooms, some of them equipped with showers. In the other buildings and on the floors respectively, sanitary facilities, staff kitchenettes and in part existing showers are mostly availabe within the rental units.

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Schwedenstra├če 9, 13359 Berlin-Mitte

GSG-Hof Schwedenstra├če


Life pulsates on the premises of the former AEG-Telefunken factory, today the GSG-Hof Schwedenstra├če, located in the middle of the Berlin-Wedding district: tenants of this reconstructed and listed property with its distinctive brickwork can expect a neighbourhood of innovative and creative companies.

The three buildings of this office, commercial and production property have a partial basement and up to six upper stories. Each commercial unit has access to one of the three freight elevators and the passenger lift, as well as a separate ladiesÔÇÖ and gentsÔÇÖ room. Furthermore, some rental units are equipped with showers.

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Reuchlinstra├če 10-11, 10553 Berlin-Mitte

GSG-Hof Reuchlinstra├če


A charming environment awaits tenants in Reuchlinstra├če, located between Huttenstra├če and Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee: for one thing, there is the river Spree which winds its way past the GSG-Hof with its eight new and old buildings. For another, the many shops liven-up the area around Turmstra├če and Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee, from which one can access the complex.

This property with 17 staircases has up to five upper stories. Each rental unit has access to one of six lifts and freight elevators. Almost all offices, workshops and production areas have separate ladiesÔÇÖ and gentsÔÇÖ rooms. Connections for staff kitchens are in place, as well. Only the office floors in House 1 and House 7 (2nd floor) have communal bathrooms and in House 7 (2nd floor) a communal staff kitchenette.

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Wattstra├če 10-13, 13355 Berlin-Mitte

GSG-Hof Wattstra├če


Good transport connections and its closeness to the Amperium am Humboldthain with its trend-setting disciplines science, research and latest technology ÔÇô this GSG-Hof in Wattstra├če in Berlin-Wedding is located in an extremely attractive neighbourhood for companies.

This property has seven staircases. All tenants have access to one of the seven freight elevators, and the two single-story factory buildings, with ample traffic area located in the inner yard, are especially suitable for workshops. Each commercial unit has structured data wiring and direct internet connection. Almost all offices, workshops and production areas have separate ladiesÔÇÖ and gentsÔÇÖ rooms.

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