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Real Estate Acquisition in Berlin

Acquisition Profile

Last updated: January 2023

We are interested in acquiring additional commercial properties to expand our real estate portfolio as part of our company group.

Do you have a commercial property for sale?

City: Focus Berlin

Preferred inner city location (inside S-Bahn-Ring) in an urban
environment with very good connection to public transport and

Alternatively locations close to S-Bahn-Ring with good connection to
public transport and motorway in an urban environment.
Asset: Asset Class “Value add” (existing buildings with improvement
potential) – corporate assets, commercial assets and office buildings.
We are willing to acquire assets which are management-intense, with
low WALT, moderate to high vacancy (max. 50 %) and maintenance
backlog or modernization need.

“Multi-let” commercial properties, especially assets with different
usage options (office, light-industrial, storage etc.), residential usage of
max. 20 %.

Preferred are multi-tenant assets with a mixed WALT.
Volume: From € 5m as per asset investment volume
Return: Depending on the asset (occupancy, maintenance backlog etc.).



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