Unsere Projektentwicklungen

Since its very beginnings, GSG Berlin has played an important role in Berlin’s urban development in the office and commercial real estate sector.

Currently, the demand for office and commercial space in city center locations is increasing.

For this reason, GSG Berlin has identified potential to realize extensions and gaps at some of its Berlin locations.

We will introduce you to them in the following:

ProjectPlanned total areaPlanned completion
The Briqapprox. 1,400 sqm Vermietetcompleted
Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20approx. 8,600 sqm Vermietetcompleted
The Benjaminapprox. 4,700 sqm Vermietetcompleted
TorHaus²approx. 8,100 sqm Vermietet4th quarter of 2021
F10approx. 2,200 sqm1st quarter of 2023

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The Briq

Stylish offices with crystal clear view

The listed ensemble of the Gebauer Höfe complex is a favourite business location in the center of Berlin with its direct location on the River Spree. Here is the site for the development of the Orange Cube, which, with its façade of glass and brick, harmoniously blends in with its historic surroundings. As a result, an extraordinary juxtaposition of original, improvised and finished premises is created.

Through large windows, a lot of light falls into the interior and open floor plans provide a lot of room for ideas and give future tenants the greatest possible freedom in use and arrangement. The industrial character of the building is architecturally preserved and supplemented with contemporary building technology. A large landscaped terrace in front of the entrance offers additional accommodation and meeting places and offers a unique view of industrial architecture from the second half of the 19th century.

The relaxed atmosphere of an industrial loft coupled with modern facilities. The Orange Cube offers an exceptional, attractive and comfortable place to work.

It also stands for an intelligent handling of old-fashioned portfolio properties. From a building that did not quite fit into the urban environment, emerges an urban sculpture that enriches the surrounding area with its distinctive feature.

Planned total area

approx. 1,400 sqm

Planned completion


Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20

Creative working in the Kreuzberg neighborhood

Situated in the immediate vicinity of the trendy neighborhood of Oranienstrasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and yet in a quiet location: approx. 9,000 sqm of office space is being created here. The planned completion date for the project is the third quarter of 2020. The existing historic building will involve high-quality expansion and modernization and will be complemented by a representative new building blending harmoniously into the environment.
The result will be attractive office space that is flexibly divisible and convinces with outstanding features. Interior designers and technicians are working hand in hand to ensure the best combination of aesthetics and functionality.
Spaces will be extremely generous in size and offer a friendly working atmosphere that leaves every option open for individual design.

Planned total area

approx. 8,600 sqm

Planned completion


The Benjamin

Exclusive offices with Spree view

The historical ensemble of the Gebauer Höfe with its typical clinker industrial architecture of the late 19th century characterizes the Franklinstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The redeveloped buildings house the typical Berlin combination of offices, studios, retail stores and restaurants.

Now the gap is going to be closed directly at the Gotzkowsky Bridge and extended by a real architectural highlight: The Benjamin.
This new building is defined from the outside by clear forms, a structured facade and generous window fronts. Urban design elements and modern functionality will be combined for sustainable quality of work.

Planned total area

approx. 4,700 sqm

Planned completion



Working on the Spree

The historical ensemble of Gebauer Höfe in Franklinstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg unites old and new in a wonderful symbiosis.

With its modern façade design, F10 contrasts sharply with the historic brick buildings and blends in elegantly with the existing buildings.

In total, we offer you around 2,200 sqm gross floor area (GFA) for use as office and / or commercial space in an exclusive waterfront location.

Planned total area

approx. 2,200 sqm

Planned completion

1st quarter of 2023

F10 an der Spree
F10 Büros an der Spree
Aussicht auf die Spree
Die Spree bei Nacht


Modern working in a historically evolved environment

In Berlin-Charlottenburg, we are building a modern office building as a direct extension to the existing GSG-Hof Helmholtzstraße. As a result, the new building will be integrated directly into a historic infrastructure that has evolved over decades, with parking, shopping, dining and leisure facilities.

The planning of the new building convinces with wide and high spaces. The ceiling heights convey a generous sense of space and a friendly working atmosphere. State-of-the-art and high-quality equipment details in the sanitary and kitchen areas in conjunction with the modular design of the work areas produce a prestigious ambience. This creates attractive office space at this central location.

Planned total area

approx. 8,100 sqm

Planned completion

4th quarter of 2021

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