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GSG Berlin is actively involved in the energy transition in Berlin and manages its real estate portfolio sustainably. GSG | Electricity can be obtained at cost-effective conditions.

Locally produced heat and electricity

Energy efficiency has a high priority for GSG Berlin. This also benefits the environment. With the operation of Berlin’s largest solar power system, its own combined heat and power plants and the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, GSG is making an important contribution to the realization of the Berlin goal “Climate neutral by 2050”.

photovoltaic system

Approximately 5,000 tons of CO2 savings per year through the operation of solar modules on 140 roofs of 28 GSG commercial buildings. In cooperation with GASAG, the green electricity can be obtained from our tenants.


780 tons of CO2 savings per year through the operation of four own combined heat and power plants at the GSG parks in Geneststraße, Zossener Straße, Waldemarstraße and Gneisenaustraße.

E-charging stations

Operation of e-charging stations with 110 charging points on the GSG courtyards by 2022.

GSG | Electricity: 100% renewable and certified with the RenewablePLUS quality seal
Through our partner GASAG, we offer our 100% renewable energy GSG | Electricity at low cost.

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Solar power for Berlin

In summer 2014, GSG installed the biggest solar system in Berlin with a total output of 6.4 MW. With this, 5,000 tons of CO2 will be saved annually. To achieve a similar savings in CO2, Berlin would have to plant 400,000 new trees. This equates to a ten-fold amount of trees in the Tiergarten, Berlin’s central park.

26,200 solar modules, which have been produced in Berlin-Brandenburg, have been installed on 43,000 square metres of the roof area of 140 roofs on 28 Berliner commercial complexes in the districts of Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Marienfelde, Marzahn, Pankow, Tempelhof und Wedding. The installation produces about 5,800,000 KWh of electricity annually.

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Roof surface with solar modules
Number of solar modules
kWh production per year
CO2 savings per year

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