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An above-average number of Berlin startups have their headquarters in SO 36. From fintech to code enthusiasts – digital dreamers and entrepreneurs of all stripes can be found here. However, the rich history of the computer industry in the Mariannenkiez district is increasingly being forgotten. No less than Konrad Zuse designed the Z4 – the first freely programmable computer intended for mass production – in the basement of the commercial courtyard at Oranienstr. 6. Zuse remained connected to the listed commercial courtyard, which was built in several phases between 1875 and 1929, throughout his life. Even in 1992 – just three years before his death – he had his picture taken in the entrance area.



The Property

Berlin-Kreuzberg is more than just bars, art, and a lively neighborhood, but also a place of groundbreaking technical innovations, such as in Oranienstraße 6, in the GSG courtyard.

Here, in this lovingly restored and protected building, companies in the IT industry, as well as firms in film and television production, media, commerce, and gastronomy, work. In 1941, Konrad Zuse, the inventor of the computer, completed the first programmable and freely programmable computer here.

In 1875, carpenter Robert Otto built a residential building facing the street. In 1897, the five-story commercial building was constructed at the rear by government building master Georg Lewy. In 1929, the original stucco facade was replaced with one in the style of Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). However, the typical barrel-vaulted ceilings of the turn-of-the-century style were preserved.

Overall, the building has 20 commercial units with versatile rental spaces ranging from 50 to 300 square meters suitable for business premises, offices, production or commercial areas.

WiredScore Zertifikat


WiredScore Platinum

We are proud to announce that our commercial courtyard holds the prestigious WiredScore certification, guaranteeing outstanding technological infrastructure and connectivity. Companies benefit from a powerful connection to the state-of-the-art fiber optic network, enabling fast and stable internet connections. The certification also confirms high-quality internal cabling, ensuring minimal downtime. This positions our commercial courtyard as a future-proof choice to support companies in fulfilling their communication and business requirements successfully.

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We place great importance on providing our tenants with a variety of benefits that make their workday more pleasant and efficient. Our focus is on sustainability, innovation, and well-being. We are proud to offer amenities such as electric car charging options, our own electricity generation from photovoltaic systems, high-speed internet access, and cozy courtyard kitchens for our tenants.


Electric charging stations

By providing the option to charge electric cars at our commercial courtyards, our tenants are even more flexible in their daily lives and do not have to worry about charging options. Become part of our community and benefit from the advantages that our electric charging stations offer on a growing number of our commercial courtyards. Or, as a tenant of GSG Berlin, switch to an electric vehicle and enjoy a hassle-free charging experience at our commercial courtyards.

Solar power

We stand for innovative commercial spaces that focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly energy. With our impressive photovoltaic system, the largest in Berlin, we generate clean electricity for our tenants and thus contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions. As part of our community, you are not only a pioneer for a sustainable future, but also directly benefit from the energy generated by our photovoltaic system.

High-speed internet

By using fiber optic technology, we provide our tenants with the infrastructure they need for success in the digital world. This enables better networking and collaboration between our tenants. Choose GSG Berlin and connect your business with a future-proof and high-performance internet solution that supports your business growth and productivity.


Courtyard kitchens

At our commercial courtyards, we place importance on ensuring that our tenants feel comfortable and have everything they need for a successful workday. That’s why we offer cozy courtyard kitchens at various locations, where our tenants can meet, relax, and enjoy their meals. These communal spaces not only promote collaboration and exchange among our tenants, but also contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere.

E-Ladesäulen auf den Gewerbehöfen der GSG Berlin
Solarstrom auf den Gewerbehöfen der GSG Berlin

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