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The commercial courtyards at Waldemarstraße 33a/37a are among the oldest and most beautiful in Kreuzberg. The opulently decorated front building was built as early as 1862, with the commercial courtyards following in the years until 1875. The courtyards, which are adorned with a striking brick facade, are thus an early example of urban densification in the last third of the 19th century. The courtyards of house numbers 33 and 37 are connected by a passage. The Zander & Palm courtyards are a prototypical example of the characteristic Berlin mix of living and working. In 1997, the courtyards underwent extensive renovation, and have since been carefully maintained and continuously brought up to date.



The Property

The courtyard, typical of Berlin and its buildings, shapes the neighborhood. Built in 1875, this building complex, adorned with a striking brick facade, is one of the oldest and most beautiful courtyards in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The property, renovated in 1997, is connected by a passageway to the neighboring courtyard at Waldemarstraße 37 A. The 17 rental units are extremely versatile and individually usable. A creative clientele, including art printers, architects, radio play producers, event managers, engineers, and exhibition builders, appreciate the commercial spaces ranging from 150 to 430 square meters.

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We place great importance on providing our tenants with a variety of benefits that make their workday more pleasant and efficient. Our focus is on sustainability, innovation, and well-being. We are proud to offer amenities such as electric car charging options, our own electricity generation from photovoltaic systems, high-speed internet access, and cozy courtyard kitchens for our tenants.


Electric charging stations

By providing the option to charge electric cars at our commercial courtyards, our tenants are even more flexible in their daily lives and do not have to worry about charging options. Become part of our community and benefit from the advantages that our electric charging stations offer on a growing number of our commercial courtyards. Or, as a tenant of GSG Berlin, switch to an electric vehicle and enjoy a hassle-free charging experience at our commercial courtyards.

Solar power

We stand for innovative commercial spaces that focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly energy. With our impressive photovoltaic system, the largest in Berlin, we generate clean electricity for our tenants and thus contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions. As part of our community, you are not only a pioneer for a sustainable future, but also directly benefit from the energy generated by our photovoltaic system.

High-speed internet

By using fiber optic technology, we provide our tenants with the infrastructure they need for success in the digital world. This enables better networking and collaboration between our tenants. Choose GSG Berlin and connect your business with a future-proof and high-performance internet solution that supports your business growth and productivity.


Courtyard kitchens

At our commercial courtyards, we place importance on ensuring that our tenants feel comfortable and have everything they need for a successful workday. That’s why we offer cozy courtyard kitchens at various locations, where our tenants can meet, relax, and enjoy their meals. These communal spaces not only promote collaboration and exchange among our tenants, but also contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere.

E-Ladesäulen auf den Gewerbehöfen der GSG Berlin
Solarstrom auf den Gewerbehöfen der GSG Berlin

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