About us

For over 50 years, we have been a well-known part of Berlin’s economy.

GSG at a glance

The portfolio stretches from classical commercial complexes with brick façade to modern commercial parks.

GSG spaces are variable in usage.

Regardless of whether office, production or storage, small and medium-sized businesses are able to find the right premises from 20 to 20,000 m², growth included.

Over 50 years experience

For more than 50 years, GSG Berlin has been the contact for small and medium sized companies.

over 40 locations

Our classic commercial complexes and modern business parks can be found throughout Berlin.

almost 1 million sqm

We are one of the leading and largest providers of office and commercial space in Berlin.

approx. 2,000 tenants

You will find a large number of companies in all industries in our industrial estates.

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„The approx. 2,000 tenants of the GSG are a very special and diverse mixture of the Berlin middle class. If you were to expose all of our tenants on a deserted island, you probably would not have to worry about your future, as the potential for synergies and collaboration is so diverse. This is not only fascinating, but probably unique in its form in Berlin.“

Sebastian Blecke

Over 50 years experience

For over 50 years, Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft (GSG) has been a well-known part of Berlin’s economy. Student protests and squatters, the fall of the Wall and the government relocation, New Economy and its crash, cluster strategy and startup boom – catchphrases such as these represent not only the exciting history of Berlin but also that of GSG over the last fifty years.

The continuous work of GSG is closely linked to the development of the city and, in particular, to that of the Berlin industry. GSG has always been an important part of Berlin’s urban and economic development. In over 40 locations GSG Berlin offers small and medium-sized businesses, which form the backbone of Berlin’s economy, the right space to realize their business ideas. Not infrequently, products and services “made in Berlin” emerge, which often extend beyond the borders of the capital.

Historical overview

2011 - 2020

In order not only to make the building stock climate-friendly, but also the traffic, GSG Berlin is cooperating with Parkstrom GmbH. The aim of the two partners is to install 110 charging points on 13 GSG commercial yards this year, which are operated using only renewable electricity. The visible start of the collaboration marks the commissioning of 16 charging points at the GSG location in Amperium am Humboldthain.

Together with the specialized real estate market analysts from bulwiengesa and Savills, GSG Berlin is presenting a detailed report for the office and corporate real estate segment of all Berlin districts with the first commercial pulse. The “Gewerbe-Pulsschlag” looks, compares and analyzes market data from the Berlin commercial property sector in connection with own location data of the GSG Berlin. This creates a comprehensive reference work for the Berlin commercial property market.

At the end of February, GSG Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of GSG Berlin, wins the real estate manager award 2016 in the category Management. This category recognizes companies that make a significant contribution to increasing the value or preserving the value of their portfolio with selected projects. The award-winning project encompasses the expansion of GSG Berlin’s business model by founding its subsidiary GSG Solar, an energy supply company with its own power plant portfolio.

In June, GSG Berlin celebrates its 50th anniversary with tenants, employees and business partners. Berlin’s Governing Mayor also honors the history of GSG Berlin in his welcoming speech.

Installation of the largest photovoltaic system in Berlin. The 43,000 square meter PV system “made in Berlin-Brandenburg” will generate 5,800,000 kWh of green electricity annually. The CO2 savings amount to about 5,000 tons annually.

Opening of the first solar filling station in the Amperium am Humboldthain and commissioning of the first own combined heat and power plant. This saves 332 tonnes of CO2 per year.

2001 - 2010

The GSG offers companies high-speed Internet with one of the first privately initiated fiber optic farm networks in Germany.

Takeover of the GSG shares of the state of Berlin by the Orco Property Group (Orco) via its listed subsidiary Orco Germany and in cooperation with Morgan Stanley Real Estate.

Completion of the refurbishment of the historic ensemble of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory (KPM), a highlight of the GSG’s 40-year refurbishment history.

1991 - 2000

The first project of the GSG in the eastern districts of Berlin: The property at Wolfener Straße 36 in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf became property of the Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft by means of the contribution from the state of Berlin. The GSG also built the complex with funds from the Joint Task „Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure“ (GA).

Laying of the foundation stone for the econopark Pankow on October 10, 1994.

1981 - 1990

Settlement of the first Technology and Innovation Park in Germany (TIB) in the Amperium on the Humboldthain in Gustav-Meyer-Allee.

First solitary building of GSG in Wupperstraße in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

1971 - 1980

First new building of the GSG as a rounding of the object Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

1965 - 1970

Acquisition of the first commercial property in the Blücherstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Trade needs affordable space – this insight led the Berlin Senate, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Berlin Chamber of Crafts to take a pioneering step in 1965: Founding of Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft mbH (GSG).

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tv.berlin special 12:05

In this tv.berlin special on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the GSG numerous Berlin personalities will speak, including the Berlin Mayor Michael Müller.

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What our tenants say

As a rising hardware startup we are thrilled to be based in the Amperium am Humboldthain. On the former AEG site old tradition meets new technology.

Dr.-Ing. Christian BogatuKIWI.KI GmbH

We are tenants in the Köpenicker Straße since February 2014 and enjoy the nice neighborhood and the good cooperation with the GSG. Other people are convinced: In the meantime, two other partner companies from the IT sector have leased themselves here.

Jan WeberingAvenga Germany GmbH

The rooms of our architectural office are professionally looked after by the GSG and are embedded in a pleasant and inspiring neighborhood - a typical Kreuzberg mix - we like to work here!

Thomas HilligHillig Architekten

We found the necessary space for the continuous expansion of our service in the spacious and bright office of the GSG Berlin. In our open-plan office there is an optimal exchange between developers and creatives. The perfect floor for new ideas!

Benjamin ThymOfferista Group GmbH

We feel very comfortable here in the GSG-Hof. The place is awesome for us. On the one hand, the historic ambience of AEG, a German traditional company, where quality products were made by hand and then our high technology. That's an impressive combination.

Reinhard LembkeSPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

Bright, large, modern rooms, good transport links, spacious loading areas between the individual houses in the business park, a good and reasonably priced canteen, modern internet connections make the work pleasant for everyone. The cheap rent was a major reason to choose Plauener Straße.

Guido ErstlingSchulbuchhandlung Erstling

We founded our company for the production of capillary tube mats for surface temperature control in 1996 and moved in immediately. The smaller units of 1,000 m² and the generosity and brightness of the rooms were ideal for building a small, medium-sized company. "The 1,000 m² have now grown to 2,500 m², turning the start-up into a global market leader.

Albrecht BaukeBeKa Heiz- und Kühlmatten GmbH

Decisive for the location were the good infrastructure, the proximity to pharmaceutical wholesaling and the favorable rental conditions of GSG Berlin. After exactly 5 years here at the GSG-Hof, we are still very satisfied with our decision. We have also frequently used the good range of services, for example renting seminar rooms. In addition, I live up to my close connection with the city district here.

Konstantin PrimbasAPONEO Apotheke

The GSG has supported the Carnival of Cultures for many years with generous areas for rehearsals, workshops and warehouses. This support is essential for the KdK, because creativity needs space to develop and unfold.

Nadja MauWerkstatt der Kulturen

For a year now we have been operating our warehouse / production for the assembly of offices and banks on the Plauener Straße and are always thrilled with the infrastructure and the pleasant environment. Self-sufficient was yesterday - here makes networking fun and the help of the neighbors is very good. It was a good decision!

Olaf Struckos-os office solutions GmbH

GSG Berlin supported us in the redesign of a press shop into a customer center with a showroom for copy/print systems and IT. We have been tenants for 20 years now and especially appreciate the location right next to the city highway. So our technicians are fast with the customer.

Ehrig GmbH Büro-Systemhaus

EGAS Elektronik has experienced at least four or five development spurts in its 18 years of existence and appreciates the GSG-Hof Wolfener Straße as a modern location with an excellent connected industry.

EGAS Elektronik GmbH

In search of a 'landing field' there was no alternative to the GSG Berlin: presentation of ideal rooms (surface and ceiling height with respect to flight simulator), perfect condition and permanently good service, e.g. caretaker.

Daniel JaeckelJetSim Flightsimulation & Flighttraining – Berlin

We have tripled the number of employees within two years and the commercial space tenfold. Good city - fair landlady!

Paul LöhndorfProviant Berlin

At GSG-Hof Helmholtzstraße we have found the ideal space for our company. The ambience of the listed old building, the central location and the proximity to the airport were good arguments for the location. As a company in the field of renewable energies, we attach particular importance to sustainability. The fact that we were allowed to choose our 'green' electricity provider ourselves was another positive aspect.

Dagmar Vogtib vogt GmbH

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